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Container 40 DC (Dry Cube) is a standard shipping container, suitable for transporting a wide range of goods. It also has the designations DV (Dry Van) and Standard. The container has passed the certification of the CSC (international convention on the safety of containers, there is a nameplate), is fully prepared for sale, and is in excellent technical condition. The container is very popular also for those shippers who do not need additional capacity in the form of height or width, but a volume of 67.3 - 67.8 m3 is enough.

This type of container is available for rent or sale throughout Europe, Asia and Central America.
Length: 12192 mm
Width: 2438 mm
Height: 2591 mm
External dimensions
Inner dimensions
Length: 12032 mm
Width: 2352 mm
Height: 2393 mm
Width: 2336 mm
Height: 2291 mm
Modification: Standard (DC)
Max Gross: 28800-30480 kg
Tare weight: 3640-4000 kg
Payload: 24800-26840 kg
Condition: Used
Volume: 67,3-67,8 cubic meters
Container type: Dry cargo sea
Size: 40 feet
Number of accommodated euro pallets (1200 x 800mm), pcs: 25
The warranty period for the products is not provided, however, the supplier guarantees that at the time of delivery the products are in a technically sound condition for use in accordance with their intended purpose, comply with the technical conditions and quality requirements agreed with the buyer.

• comply with ISO standards (ISO 830, 668, 6346, 1161, 1496-1)
• sealed (WWT-wind & water tight condition - waterproof and windproof)
• having a valid CSC plate (comply with the international Convention on the safety of containers = CSC plate valid) - at least 12 months
• having a valid prefix (registered BIC code)
• comply with the TIR convention (for transportation by road)
• comply with UIC codes 592-1 (for transportation by rail)
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