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Transport optimization

In today's economy, road transport is irreplaceable, tens of thousands of tons of cargo and millions of kilometers are transported annually from the Netherlands to Germany alone. The so-called pre-carriage and on-carriage are carried out on a regular basis by many carriers and the correct use of the transport network with the planning of import and export flows can significantly optimize costs.

What can be advised?

• Analyze the point of loading or unloading in order to understand how to shorten the distance. The carrier calculates the rate mainly based on the mileage, therefore the gap in empty runs will give you a significant reduction in the rate. How to close the distance? Ask the sea line for equipment in the place where you need it. For example: Loading in the beautiful town of Ellrich in Germany, when loading a container through the port of Hamburg, just picking up empty equipment from the nearest terminal in Leipzig, not Hamburg, will earn you at least 150 EUR.
• Work with multiple carriers. This can increase the ability to "pick up" return cargo and save money. Large carriers very often use such a network of sub-contractors themselves to increase the chances of additional freight and reduce empty runs.
• Choose the appropriate mode of transport. Imagine that you need to pick up a cargo from Italy or Spain. There is no direct service from Genoa and Bilbao to Russia, you need to transport the cargo through Rotterdam or Hamburg, otherwise you will be in St. Petersburg only after 14 days, or even later. Europe is laced with rivers, railways, so always consider picking up cargo by barge or train. Thanks to the multimodal transport - railway + tracking, barge + tracking, you can also significantly optimize transport
• And of course, work with container owners and brokers who can, through their contacts, provide you with a container from the nearest terminal at the loading point